Why Am I So Happy? The Sign of True Success is a Happy Heart


Paula Neva Vail is an established author of “Why Am I So Happy,” a book in which Paula tells the readers about her hardships and successes with the reader, and the tool set to unlock the power of the true happiness that resides in each one of us – a joy that is the center of our being. Click to read more!

Paula’s Breakthrough Book Teaches You To Harness Your Inner Happiness

“Paula’s book “Why am I so Happy” is one-of-a-kind just like Paula. This book is recommended for everyone of all ages whether you need a reminder on gratitude and the definitions of joy and happiness, you’re going through some rough times, and/or if you’re completely happy this book has great examples and techniques that you can use in your everyday life. It also makes as a great gift for a close one.”

Carly CalabreseCareer Coach/Professional Marketer/Writer/LinkedIn Consultant

“I met Paula at a time of deep grief and change in my life. Paula’s loving positive energy and words shifted the place I was in with such ease and grace. My life has been so enriched from the very first moment we met. I had the privilege to travel to Africa with Paula this past year, and experience firsthand how she truly lives in joy and happiness. She finds joy in every day. Her loving, happy energy was always present. The saying, “Your energy introduces you before you even speak” is so genuine with Paula. Every day I saw people light up just from the loving, genuine spirit she radiates. Paula has experienced hardships, loss, and her own life challenges, which she has touched on in her book, yet she chooses to be “happy” regardless of the circumstances. I have been inspired by her ability to find joy every day. She radiates the most loving energy, a compassionate heart and a depth of wisdom that is rare. Paula’s teaching from her Reiki, to her Radio/TV talks shows, to everyday life provide a loving, healing blessing to this world. She brings happiness from the inside and shares it with the world. I have no doubt this book “Why am I so happy” will touch lives, and hearts like Paula herself. She is truly dedicated to living a life of joy and love, and helping people live in this same energy, and find it within themselves.”

Rhonda BustonRetired Veteran, U. S. Coast Guard, Reiki Practitioner

I have known Paula for several months and I strive to be like her more and more every day. Thank you Paula for being such a positive and warm hearted individual. Thank you for writing this book and for sharing your life experiences and thoughts on how we can all work towards becoming the best version of ourselves and how we all have the power to live life to its fullest! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your stories. Your book has helped me and will serve others well by reminding us that we control our own happiness, destiny and thoughts!

Amy Mahjoory
Randi D. Ward